Photo Booths


 Side A Photography is known for a wide range of mobile photo booth options. Our flagship is the Studio Booth, where we set up a personalized backdrop and photograph your guests using professional studio lighting. We also have two Photo Booths (enclosed and open-air) and a team of illustrators who are ready to make your animated GIF dreams come to life. Our team thrives on creative ideas and the latest technologies to impress your guests at every event! All of our booths come with backdrops, fun props, branded overlays, and memories that will last a lifetime.


How it Works


1. Pick your booth
Studio or automatic? Open-air or enclosed?

2. Pick your backdrop
Choose from one of ours or customize one!

3. Customize your product
Work with us to create a branded overlay!


 Booth Options

Studio photo booth

Studio Booth

A fan favorite, this booth comes with an enthusiastic Side A photographer, studio lights, and a print station kiosk. Immediately after the photo is taken, your guests will receive a print and have the ability to text or email the digital copies. Photos are also uploaded to a web gallery for guest access after the event!

Two girls with open-air booth

Automatic Booth (Open-Air)

The Open-Air Booth boasts a kiosk-style design, perfect for accommodating larger groups. This booth hosts a DSLR camera, touch screen monitor, and a dye-sublimation printer that will print your photos on the spot. You also have the option to save money by skipping the instant-prints and having Side A host your photos digitally for your guests to print out later!

Enclosed photo booth

Automatic Booth (Enclosed)

The Enclosed Booth is reminiscent of vintage photo booths, allowing for a more private experience. This includes a DSLR camera, touch screen monitor, and a dye-sublimation printer that will print your photos faster than your guests can get out of the booth! On a budget? No problem — skip the instant-prints and have Side A host your photos digitally.



The possibilities are endless when it comes to your backdrop options with Side A Photography. Choose from one of the stock backdrops below, or opt to upgrade your photo booth with a custom design. We've created backdrops for decade-specific parties ranging from the Paper Moon of the roaring 20's to groovy kaleidoscope patterns for the 70's. Going for something a little more conventional? No problem — step-and-repeat backdrops are popular for corporate events, and we can craft the perfect headshot booth for networking expos. No matter what type of theme or event, Side A can customize the perfect photo booth for you and your guests.



+ How far do you travel?

We are based in the Remington/Charles Village area of Baltimore City and are happy to travel to DC, Philadelphia, Annapolis or any of the surrounding districts.

+ How much does it cost?

The Classic booths are $650/3 hours and the Studio Booth is $850/3 hours. Both booths include a backdrop, props, unlimited prints, an on-site tech attendant, text/email kiosk, and a web gallery of images with free downloads for after the event. We can scale any package to fit your budget.

+ How do I reserve a booth?

Contact us with the date and location of the event and we will send you a contract to hold the date!

+ Can the booths be used outside?

Yes! As long as we have power, we can set up outside. Please note, windy conditions can create issues with backdrops and props, and harsh sunlight may make your guests squint or our computers overheat. In the event of inclement weather, we strongly encourage an indoor backup plan.

+ How much space is needed?

The ideal amount of space for the Classic Booth is about 6 ft X 5 ft. This leaves space for people to stand in front of the camera and on the side to pick up their print. Actual dimensions of the booth are (H)68 x (W)35 x (D)13 without the curtain. The Studio Booth's footprint is about 8x8 ft. This leaves enough room for studio lights and photographer to take photos

+ How long do you need to set it up?

We arrive about 1.5 hours before the start of the event to make sure everything is set up and running smoothly. To ensure a seamless setup process we request that you provide information in advance about the exact location for where the booth should go and where to load in and park upon arrival.

+ Do you provide props?

Yep — every photo booth comes with theme-specific props! You are also welcome to bring your own.

+ How many people fit in the Booth?

The Enclosed Booth fits 1-4 people and the Open-Air Booth can fit groups up to 8!

+ How many photos can we take?

A classic photo booth session takes a series of 3-4 photos, and you can have as many sessions as you want! When you book the Studio Booth one of our professional photographers takes single photos of you, and can take as many as you like.

+ When will the photos be online?

The photos are uploaded within 3 days of the event with or without a password protection on the gallery.

+ How do I find the photos?

Go to “View Your Photos” in our menu to find your gallery!

+ Do you offer instant sharing?

Yes! As long as we have proper internet access, our photo booths have both instant text and email options, allowing your guests to receive the digital files on the spot. If the internet is down, the emails and texts will be queued and guests will receive the digital copies once we are connected to the internet again.

+ What is a custom overlay?

Picture with custom overlay This is a custom design at the bottom of your photo/GIF strip with the event name, date, logo, etc. It’s a great way to market your company or commemorate your special event for guests.

+ Can we brand our GIFs/photos or put our name on them?

Absolutely. Everything we produce can be completely customized to represent your business or event.

+ What is a GIF?

A GIF is a video or series of photos that play back in a loop. If you take 3 photos in the booth to create a GIF, they’ll play back quickly one after the other, making your photos spring to life! We can also add animated graphics to the GIF to add even more personalization and energy to the product.

+ What’s the difference between a GIF Booth and a photo booth?

Actually, there’s really no difference in the booth itself. Both our open-air and our enclosed classic booths take photos and gifs! The difference is what kind of package you choose for your event. You can choose to receive digital files only, photo strips, basic GIFs, animated GIFs, or a combination package.

+ Does the GIF booth print photos?

Yes, the GIF Booth has the option of printing photos as well as allowing your guests to text and email the GIFs.


Contact Side A today to discuss any questions you may have or to begin personalizing your photo booth experience!